This is a guest article by Attorney Adam Schachter, a bankruptcy attorney in Houston Texas.

The title of this post is a tad misleading since no lawyers, including Bankruptcy Lawyers, can ever truly promise a positive outcome of your case. Even if the facts are on your side, and the law is on your side, it’s possible that a judge could disagree with both your version of the facts and your interpretation of the law. The practice of law, like medicine, requires the gathering of facts and then an analysis of those facts. Also like medicine, fact situations come in all shapes and sizes, from very simple to ridiculously complex. The two professions continue to be similar in that even in the simplest cases, doctors and lawyers cannot guarantee anything other than effort. A patient’s description of symptoms may be innaccurate, or a test may be done incorrectly. In law, we can never truly know how opposing parties are going to react to a particular set of facts or if our client will completely follow through on the requests that we make.

I say all the preceding not to scare you, but just to remind you that you should expect effort and commitment from your lawyer, not a guarantee of results. One neat thing about the vast majority of bankruptcy fact situations is that a good bankruptcy lawyer CAN make many predictions that turn out to be accurate, so long as the information provided to him or her is accurate. Another difference when filing bankruptcy, especially if you are our client, is that great care is taken to review all the information that goes into a bankruptcy to ensure accuracy. When the information is accurate, it significantly increases the likelihood that our predictions will be accurate. For many, many people there will be no issues that will impede a successful bankruptcy filing. All that matters is complete disclosure and that you follow the steps that your lawyer asks you to do. For a select few, there could be issues that will have to be faced in a bankruptcy, and it’s your lawyer’s job to advise you of those issues. It’s much harder to make predictions in these situations, but as a client you have the right to know that there may be a fight.

Bottom line: expect us to analyze your facts and make predictions. Don’t expect guarantees of anything other than service and effort. If a lawyer DOES guarantee you something about your case, get that guarantee in writing and then consider getting another opinion.

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