A&L Licker Law Firm from the Paralegal’s Perspective


                A&L Licker Law Firm is a law firm specializing in bankruptcy, family law and personal injury created by Elizabeth and Tobias Licker.  I have worked as a paralegal for A&L Licker Law Firm for well over 2 years. Throughout this time I have learned a lot about A&L Licker Law Firm as a company.  I have also learned a lot about the different areas of law that A&L Licker Law Firm practices.  Most importantly I have learned how to ease the worries of a nervous client.

                To begin, I am going to give you a brief history of A&L Licker Law Firm. A&L Licker Law Firm was formed in 2005 by Tobias and Elizabeth Licker.  Tobias Licker specialized in bankruptcy law and Elizabeth specialized in immigration.  Currently the firm has branched into other areas of law including family law and personal injury. The firm has grown from two attorneys to 5 attorneys and 3 paralegals.  Tobias Licker began his practice by meeting clients for consultations in local public libraries.  Now the firm has 5 locations, including St. Charles, Florissant, Manchester at Highway 141, Granite City, Illinois and South City on Hampton.

                Out of all of the areas of law A&L Licker Law Firm currently practices, bankruptcy law is the busiest.  This is not too surprising given the economic climate of our country right now.  There are two different types of bankruptcy that our firm takes care of:  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  We offer a free consultation and we can start your case for $50.  Most importantly our experienced staff makes sure the entire process of filing bankruptcy as stress-free as possible.

               The firm also takes personal injury and family law cases.   When it comes to family law A&L Licker Law Firm handles divorces, adoption, custody and child support issues.  The most common types of cases the firm sees are divorces.  According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a divorce is “a legal dissolution of a valid marriage by a court”.  An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on the terms of the dissolution and division of assets.  A contested divorce occurs when there is a disagreement among the parties concerning the terms of the dissolution and/or the division of assets.


               The most common type of case the firm sees on the personal injury side is car accidents.  If a client is injured in a car accident A&L Licker Law Firm will negotiate with the insurance company to get the client the best settlement possible, whether it be for medical bills, pain and suffering or lost income due to missed work.  The firm is paid on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases meaning the firm collects a percentage of what they recover for the client.  According to the “Authority to Represent and Contingent Fee Agreement” of A&L Licker Law Firm, the attorney’s fees shall be 30% of the gross amount recovered if the case is settled outside of court and 40% of the gross amount recovered if the case goes to trial.  These seems to be a pretty standard fee among personal injury attorneys.



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